Who we are

TOR.MEC Ambrosi is a company engaged in numerous sectors of precision mechanics, which puts a strong emphasis on the best technology and on people in order to increase its value. Over the years the company has taken advantage of the experience and the skills of its staff in such a way as to succeed in transforming itself from an ordinary mechanical third-party manufacturing workshop, passive in respect of the market, to being a very competent and avant-garde technological partner in high precision mechanics, which today is affected only minimally by external events.


 Over the last decade numerous and important investments have been made in machines, software, training, and the organization of the quality management system. Numerous collaborations with highly selective companies and some Italian universities have increased the overall level of know-how at the company.

The management's desire to be present in many fields of precision mechanics allows for the application of methods and specific knowledge of certain areas to others, thereby contributing to the improvement of the products offered and ensuring competent collaboration for the customers.


To further enhance and strengthen its role in the sector of precision mechanics, TOR.MEC Ambrosi invests, every year, part of its turnover in research and development programmes in areas and applications of interest to and potentially advantageous for the purposes of business development.


MISSION - We are a company on the cutting edge of technology in the field of precision mechanics, committed to the continuous search for excellence in our products. A solid and reliable partner based on a group of people who are competent and passionate.

Corporate structure

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Certification and Quality Systems

The company has a high level of technology. The machinery, mainly the most recent models, ensures precise machining and excellent finishing of special products.

The level of efficiency is guaranteed by the well-coordinated maintenance system, by planning that allows for the highest levels of trust in the production process, which is unsupervised at night and weekends.

In the working environment there are:


  • a robotic cell for the 24/7 project with 2 Mikron 5-axis machines for high speed processing with a 7-axis FANCU robot
  • two Kitamura twin horizontal machines for massive production runs with high deburring capacities.
  • two machining centres with 3 axes for small series and special parts
  • two CNC lathes per series and secondary turning
  • a department for cutting and preparing the raw component for subsequent processing on CNC machines
  • a department of traditional machining equipped for any intervention
  • an area dedicated to micro shot peening, sanding, washing both with basket and ultrasound, a drying station
  • an area dedicated to the assembly of small components, a well-equipped group
  • an area for finishing and preparation for logistics

The company has always pursued a philosophy of quality. Over the years the evolution of this mentality has led to the rewarding milestone of ISO 9001 certification, an external guarantee of the company's good will and consolidated methods, which leads us to want to make a component produced by us recognizable.

TOR.MEC AMBROSI S.r.l. | Via Maestri del Lavoro, 16 – 37059 | Santa Maria di Zevio - VERONA - ITALY | P.IVA 02247140235